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Menace Media formerly known as Deanabean Media was established in 2016 originally for film production with a focus on the automotive industry. Over the years we have grown as a company and now have a wide portfolio of content created for all types of industries and people. 


Over the past few years, we've had the pleasure of working with incredible people, brands and studios. We've been lucky enough to travel all over the UK and Europe for projects and even branched out to offer more services in the creative field including, broadcast, drones and photography.


At Menace Media, we strive to change the game and always provide creative and engaging products to our customers that grow business, social media presence and drive sales.


Our origin story...


Based in Northampton, UK. Video production began in 2013 with our director, Dennis Dean, making small YouTube videos. These videos were vlogs with a purpose of capturing his college memories. A year down the line on August 4th, 2014 Dennis completed a 72-hour live stream on Twitch.tv to his channel known as DeanabeanLive. This channel soon went on to build up a fanbase of over 50,000 followers.


On the side of live streaming on Twitch.tv, Dennis began making videos of local automotive gatherings/shows. This was the start of Deanabean Media.


Menace Media has now been established for a few years and our goal is to build the Menace Media brand and always work on projects with professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm.

Get in touch now and we can bring your vision to the screen!



1st Floor, 12 Gregory St, Northampton, United Kingdom
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